• Gain exposure to home owners actively searching for new management
  • Get the most out of your advertising budget
  • No pay per lead platform, unlimited advertising
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By using our service, you will be marketing your company to property owners and landlords that are actively seeking out services for their real estate management needs. Our directory helps owners find property management companies in their area with strategic marketing initiatives. Premier clients can also distinguish themselves with a Rental Choice Premium Sponsor badge to be displayed on their website.


Having your ad on our site ensures you spend your marketing dollars wisely and grow your business. WHY? Because we understand the frustration that you have in trying to achieve business growth and we are familiar with the concerns many business owners have when trying to balance their advertising budget. We make our site open and accessible to owners to contact your management company directly. We will never come between you and a lead you receive through our website!


Advertising can be a frustrating experience for many property management companies. Traditional advertising schemes charge based on the numbers of clicks, views, or leads you receive on a website. Establishing an effective advertising budget is almost impossible. With RentalChoice.com, we offer low, flat rate advertising options that will help save you money and achieve a greater return on your investment.
Unlimited Advertising
Increased exposure to property owners
Increased ROI on advertising budget

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